Love Ritual Kit
Love Ritual Kit
Love Ritual Kit
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Love Ritual Kit

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Get ready to open your heart and send positive vibrations out.


Self Love
New Love
Love and Friendship


One Irish Deep Shell - Catches smudging ash
One California White Sage Bundle - Clears out negative energy.
One Rough Rose Quartz Crystal - Stone of self-love. Opens your heart chakra to unconditional love and positive energy.
Organic Dried Rose Petals - Signifies love.
One Hand Poured Coconut Wax Tea Light scented with Ylang-Ylang Essential Oil - Encourages sexual energy and enhances relationships. Increase self-esteem and brings feelings of self love, confidence, joy and peace.
Three Barbie Pink Matchsticks
*There is a striker on the tea light for the easy convenience of a ritual session anytime and anywhere


Light your candle and use the flame to ignite your sage bundle. Arrange the petals around your candle, in the shape of a heart, or around your stone as you visualize love coming towards you and surrounding you in pink light. Hold your rose quartz close to your heart as you thank the universe for bringing more love into your life.

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